Day 448 – Down to 337.8lbs

So the land of Diabetics is not as interesting as I had imagined when I started this journey, not to say it would be fun, but it would be a hell of a life lesson, and it has been. However, there really has been little to write about.  Although I will mention this one thing that happened at my last Endocrinologist appointment.

Day 183 – Long over due update

So, it’s been 113 since my last update. A little long if you ask me. I had planned this site to be a daily if not at least weekly journal of my progress, however, it seems it’s not even monthly, and that is really my fault. Although I have been keeping up with my diagnosis, seeing the endocrinologist and making sure I am eating properly, I really have not had much to report on.

My last trip to the endocrinologist was good, My blood sugar is under control, and I am scheduled to see him in May of this year for a follow-up blood test.

Day 70… I think it’s time for an update

Ok, so it’s obvious I have not been keeping up with the site, to be honest, there really isn’t much to write about. I saw my endocrinologist back in August, and as it was a preliminary appointment, I was just told to get my blood tested in 2 months, and come back in 3 to see if the pills are doing their job. The good news though is I am down to 348lbs from 374lbs at the start of July. That’s 26lbs over 2 months, I don’t really see a difference, although my pants do feel a bit loose. I will be seeing the Nutritionist in a few weeks to go over my meal plan and see where I can improve. I have cut most of the meat out of my daily meals, opting for a more plant rich diet. I will hopefully post more in a few weeks.

Day 11 through 26… A slow Journey

Hey Folks,

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my posts. In my last post I mentioned that the doc doubled my meds, well this made me sick. So for 2 weeks, I was not feeling well at all, I was in a constant state of nausea which was not very pleasant at all. I had to skip my meeting with the Nutritionist as I was very sick the night before. So I went back to the doctors last week to have my meds adjusted again. I won’t be seeing this Doctor again unfortunately as the medical provider at work is switching over to a new clinic, however, I thanked him for his help in diagnosing me. The Endocrinologist that I was guided to called back and gave me an appointment for August 10th, so that I can still have help getting my Diabetes under control.

Day 9 and 10 – Follow up with the Doc and the long walk

So yesterday was a little discouraging. Being extremely excited that I lost 10 lbs in the last month, I was set back by the fact my blood sugar, despite the meds, was still high… 13 in fact, when it should be about half that. This was about 4 hours after breakfast, so it should have been regular. So the doc has doubled my meds, from 500mg to 1g twice a day. The real issue is that if this doesn’t bring down my blood sugar, I might need to go on insulin.

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and … – So far so good, no major side effects

So I have been on the meds for 6 days now, and the side effects only seemed to last the first day.  Although I do seem to be more “regular” than I was before which I see as a pleasant effect overall, as my body seems to be processing things better now.  Sadly not much else has changed in the last few days.  More often writings will come once I get my digital scale and full-length mirror.  I also still need to see the nutritionist. That will be the week after this one (hopefully the 18th).  as I need the funds.  I also have a follow-up doctor’s appointment this week to do some tests and see if the meds are doing anything.

Day 2 – Taking the Pills – And suffering the side effects

It has been years since I have had to take medication.  I tell you, I don’t miss it… Today is the first day I am taking the pills… I couldn’t start yesterday as I had picked up my meds quite late at night.  So this morning with breakfast, I downed my two morning pills, had breakfast and off to work I went.

Day 1 – Getting the pills

So technically yesterday was supposed to be day 1, however, my train trip back home after the long weekend was delayed and I got home too late to get to the drug store.  So, I went today, expecting after insurance paid for their 80%, that I would have to pay upwards of $50 or more as Diabetic drugs can cost a fortune, I only had to pay $10 even… I was quite surprised, to say the least.  I left Alexandra this past weekend praying I had enough as the long weekend took a chunk out of my paycheck.