Day 1 – Getting the pills

So technically yesterday was supposed to be day 1, however, my train trip back home after the long weekend was delayed and I got home too late to get to the drug store.  So, I went today, expecting after insurance paid for their 80%, that I would have to pay upwards of $50 or more as Diabetic drugs can cost a fortune, I only had to pay $10 even… I was quite surprised, to say the least.  I left Alexandra this past weekend praying I had enough as the long weekend took a chunk out of my paycheck.

So here is what the have me on:

Metformin, 500mg – Twice daily to control my blood sugar (Breakfast and Dinner)
Atorvastatin, 10mg – One tablet in the evening to control my cholesterol, also good for the Kidneys.
Ramipril, 2.5mg – One tablet with Breakfast for my blood pressure

So it’s not exactly high maintenance, and I do not have to bring any meds to work with me which is great.  I even got myself a nice little pill holder to keep my meds in order.

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