Day 8 – Visit to the Nutritionist

So part of my prescriptions from the doctor was to see a Nutritionist. Thankfully, the company I work for has one on site every Tuesday. She weighed me, and I am happy to announce I have already lost ~10 lbs. I am now just above 360… Still a ways to go though, another 140.

I do not have a meal plan yet, but we did discuss what I am eating, and what needs to change. She prescribed a bit bigger of a breakfast. Normally I either have 2 pieces of toast or a bowl of cereal… a small breakfast needless to say. Then for lunch, I have a small meal and my dinner is huge… So what she relayed to me is to try and even them out. So till I meet up with her again in 2 weeks, she has “prescribed” that I have toast, smeared with peanut butter and jam, plus a fruit serving, AND a bowl serial with crushed nuts. That’s huge… So I am gonna try it out…

I found some interesting videos on Nutrition, now I am not endorsing these, I just found them interesting, as I do most Ted Talks.

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