Day 9 and 10 – Follow up with the Doc and the long walk

So yesterday was a little discouraging. Being extremely excited that I lost 10 lbs in the last month, I was set back by the fact my blood sugar, despite the meds, was still high… 13 in fact, when it should be about half that. This was about 4 hours after breakfast, so it should have been regular. So the doc has doubled my meds, from 500mg to 1g twice a day. The real issue is that if this doesn’t bring down my blood sugar, I might need to go on insulin.

Now from what I thought, once you have to go to insulin, it’s over, you’re done, there is no way you can reverse it. Becuase to me, the only reason you would need insulin is if your body stopped making it. Thankfully, I was wrong. Although metformin is an easy way to treat diabetes, because the delivery system of a pill is so simple, the injection of insulin is actually the best treatment. The issue with insulin is there is more to it than popping a pill twice a day. You have to make sure the dose is right, you have to keep pricking your finger to test your blood sugar, and you have to inject yourself… a little more complex than the pill. But in means is it the end… you can still reverse the effects, which is great news for me… I just don;t like pricking my finger… Apparently the injections these days are painless due to the very small size of the needle on the injection pens. This put some ease to my mind, being a guy who isn’t exactly fond of needles…. but it’s that prick of the finger… hurts worse than a paper cut…

So I have another follow up for 2 weeks and have been directed to an Endocrinologist to keep up with the treatment as this follow up sadly will be mu last as the company I work for switches the medical clinic that lends us the onsite doctor. Which sucks, cuz I like this doctor, he explains things in ways I can understand. The sad part is, I have to wait till August to see the specialist.

And today, I went for a walk at lunch. On Tuesday I had walked to work from home, took me almost an hour, but I made it. Then Tuesday at lunch, my manager and I took a walk at lunch. My manager is actually a really great guy who cares for his staff, in fact almost everyone at Ubisoft in like that. So he made a deal to help me, go for walks at Lunch. Today, however, he wasn’t available at lunch. The old me would have taken the opportunity to try and get away without taking a walk, but no… I decided if I am gonna beat obesity or beat diabetes, I have to take control now. So I went for my walk alone. a 2Km brisk walk around the block.

I feel great, I set out to do something I wouldn’t normally do, and I got er done.

I will try again to walk from home next week, should be easy as its only 700m more of a walk than what I did at lunch (~3Km), but I think I need to buy a pair of shorts first… especially when its warm out.

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