Day 11 through 26… A slow Journey

Hey Folks,

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my posts. In my last post I mentioned that the doc doubled my meds, well this made me sick. So for 2 weeks, I was not feeling well at all, I was in a constant state of nausea which was not very pleasant at all. I had to skip my meeting with the Nutritionist as I was very sick the night before. So I went back to the doctors last week to have my meds adjusted again. I won’t be seeing this Doctor again unfortunately as the medical provider at work is switching over to a new clinic, however, I thanked him for his help in diagnosing me. The Endocrinologist that I was guided to called back and gave me an appointment for August 10th, so that I can still have help getting my Diabetes under control.

In regards to everything else, my scale has arrived, I just have to pick it up from the UPS Store come Monday, so now I can follow how much weight I am losing.

The more and more I research, the more and more I realize, my issue has always been diet based. I do not mean I have to go on a “diet” I mean I have to change my diet. I do not normally endorse movies, but I was recently told by one of my closest friends about a move on Netflix called “What the health” (for those who do not have Netflix – It has further steadied my belief that my salvation lies in a plant based diet. As with many of the other clips I have shown from Ted Talks in earlier posts, they all talk about how it’s the animal proteins/fats that are the cause of most of our problem.

Now before you tell me that “Well that all stats from the US, we’re in Canada, we have stricter laws on food and drugs”, think again, we are just north of the States, who do you think we import a lot of our food and drugs from? Yes, the stats are from the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less of an issue here in Canada, or anywhere else in the world.

I find all this information major food for thought. So if you have Netflix, I would highly recommend taking a look at this documentary. As for me, I am looking to change my diet, moving away from a meat centric diet to a plant based diet. Whether I go full vegan or not I am not sure. Trying to get over my cravings for Ice cream and Cheese might be hard.

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  1. Loving your last line about the I SCREAMED and CHEZZ!! IF ITS ANY comfort – cheeze can be up to 70% (holy fuck!) I say SEVENTY PERCENT FATT ! NO way you’re going to have/see ANY change without it’s COMPLETE removal from your life.

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