Day 70… I think it’s time for an update

Ok, so it’s obvious I have not been keeping up with the site, to be honest, there really isn’t much to write about. I saw my endocrinologist back in August, and as it was a preliminary appointment, I was just told to get my blood tested in 2 months, and come back in 3 to see if the pills are doing their job. The good news though is I am down to 348lbs from 374lbs at the start of July. That’s 26lbs over 2 months, I don’t really see a difference, although my pants do feel a bit loose. I will be seeing the Nutritionist in a few weeks to go over my meal plan and see where I can improve. I have cut most of the meat out of my daily meals, opting for a more plant rich diet. I will hopefully post more in a few weeks.

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