Day 183 – Long over due update

So, it’s been 113 since my last update. A little long if you ask me. I had planned this site to be a daily if not at least weekly journal of my progress, however, it seems it’s not even monthly, and that is really my fault. Although I have been keeping up with my diagnosis, seeing the endocrinologist and making sure I am eating properly, I really have not had much to report on.

My last trip to the endocrinologist was good, My blood sugar is under control, and I am scheduled to see him in May of this year for a follow-up blood test.

My weight has plateaued around 340-345 (down from the initial 371Lbs) and I don’t think it will change much over the winter.  This spring I plan on joining the gym at work and try to start the losing process again.

Other than that, nothing new has happened.

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