Day 448 – Down to 337.8lbs

So the land of Diabetics is not as interesting as I had imagined when I started this journey, not to say it would be fun, but it would be a hell of a life lesson, and it has been. However, there really has been little to write about.  Although I will mention this one thing that happened at my last Endocrinologist appointment.

As I had been having issues with weight loss, (the issue being my own stupidity, of course) the doc decided to take me off Forxiga, which was being prescribed, not for sugar balance, as the Metformin was doing its job, but more for the weight loss effect.  Between the previous visit and this one, I had lost 0lbs, no change in weight at all.  So the doctor decided to switch things up a bit and instead of taking Forxiga, he prescribed a regimen of injections called Trulicity©.  It’s a 0.5ml injection once a week, however, I never got past the first week of injections.  The act of injecting was fine, although I hate needles, the device (an all in one injection device) was easy to handle and automatically injected the right does.  The problem though was the side effects, or rather the way my body violently rejected the medication.  I was ill for two weeks and missed almost 7 days of work because of the injection.  So I stopped the regiment.

I had noticed an increase in weight, even though I had not change my diet in any way, which meant to me that the Forxiga was working, it was maintaining my weight.  So now without that and without being able to take Trulicity© without being sick, I had a problem… I didn’t want to gain, I wanted to lose.

So in comes the present day, a month into a 3-month challenge present by my Manager at work.  It’s really a group challenge if you lose more of a % of weight than the Manager, he loses and buys us a video game of our choice (We work for Ubisoft, so yes, most of us are gamers).  If we lose, he gets bragging rights.  Well, I guess that is all I needed.  A month ago I weighed 353.8lbs (just over 160Kg) which is still down a lot from the ~370lbs I was when diagnosed. Since then I have lost 4.5%, or 16lbs, weighing in at 337.8lbs (~153Kg), and yes I am currently beating my Manager, and I hope to keep it that way.

2 thoughts on “Day 448 – Down to 337.8lbs”

  1. Matthew:

    FORGET the drug scene. There is only ONE way back to health. Actually two – permanently change your eating habits and begin to exercise. You eat daily, so now you need to burn that and then a little more to use the stored calories.

    TRUTH : Fat enters the body in only one way – on the tip of your fork. STOP killing yourself man.

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